Tulsa Public Schools STEAM Center Program

STEAM Center

An unprecedented partnership between a museum and an entire school district is realized within the Education Center at Discovery Lab.

As the bond-funded STEAM Center for Tulsa Public Schools, Discovery Lab is developing and delivering hands-on, focused STEAM programming connected to Oklahoma Academic Standards within the five classrooms at the new museum on Riverside. The STEAM Center will impact 25,000 Tulsa Public Schools students in pre-k through sixth grade each year with cornerstone, “memory-making” educational experiences and still not fill 50% of the Education Center capacity to serve the region's school districts. 


Students will investigate properties of matter and changes of state from gas to liquid.  Students will be able to observe phenomena of condensation, increase of volume from liquid to gas, and decrease of volume from gas to liquid.

Students will investigate properties of static electrical attraction and repulsion and bild a Leyden Jar from common materials, that develops their understanding of electrical conductors and insulators

Static Eletrical effects were the beginning of our modern understanding of electrical energy.  Students will explore the phenomena that fascinated the ancients and experiment with the attraction and repulsion of static charges.