Bean Sprouts Cafe


Beans Sprouts is an award-winning, nationally recognized cafe at Discovery Lab. Bean Sprouts features good and good-for-you dining options. The cafe's award-winning menu empowers kids to make their own healthy choices with whimsical food prepared into fun shapes and their sophisticated sandwiches, soup, and pizza options will delight both children and adults. Bean Sprouts offers yummy treats like organic ice cream and frozen fruit bars as well as a gourmet espresso bar. Bean Sprouts brings a healthy menu and playful approach which aligns with Discovery Lab's mission. 

PhilosoPEA: Spark children's appetites with yummy, good-for-you food and delight grown-ups with a happier mealtime.

Are you booking a birthday party or a private party? Bean Sprouts caters! Be sure to check out their catering menu

Core Values:

  • Health, Innovation, Positivity, Playfulness.

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Food for Everyone

Bean Spouts is a cafe for everyone. Bigger portions and a variety of meals are available for adults. For more energy, coffee is also available for purchase.