Volunteer: Briana-Miracle Louis

Volunteer: Briana-Miracle Louis

Briana-Miracle Louis is currently a psychology student at Oral Roberts University (ORU) with hopes of becoming a family councilor. 

Why did you choose to volunteer at Discovery Lab?

I love spending time with kids and seeing the creativity flow, while they are inspired by the educational activities and conducive learning. 

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Discovery Lab?

I enjoy seeing the sparks in children's minds while they learn new things! 

What have you learned during your time at the museum?

I reminisce on childhood memories when I first learned about science and while watching demos and experiments. 

What do you do in your extra spare time when you are not at Discovery Lab?

When I'm not studying or volunteering, I am hanging out with friends, and family, reading, writing and listening to music. 

What is your favorite exhibit in the museum?

I love spending time with the field trip groups, but my favorite exhibit is the HydroLab! 

What made you want to volunteer?

Volunteering enhances my social skills with kids and families. 


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