Discovery Lab receives Google Grant

Discovery Lab receives Google Grant

Discovery Lab received funding just shy of $33,400 to support the development and implementation of an after-school pilot program, Discovery Lab River Walkers, in Mayes County. River Walkers will be an eight-unit series that provides an opportunity to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) while connecting students directly to career paths in STEM-related fields. Students will learn about unmanned aerial vehicle flight, environmental engineering, and natural resources. Additionally, participants will learn how to collect, manipulate, and analyze data from cameras and sensors, learning how to program a navigation system for a simulated drone. Additionally, the series will focus on river restoration through aerial observation and hands-on environmental technology experiences. After the pilot program, the program will be available in Tulsa County.

River Walkers will provide the tools and experience for students in programming and manipulating data to solve complex problems and feed their interest in STEM at a time when many students lose interest in STEM career paths. The series will include:

  • Identifying social consequences to polluted water sources
  • Identifying biological needs to the water sources
  • Developing treatment plans to turn contaminated water into freshwater
  • Searching for water pollution sources
  • Understanding the environmental impact of climate change.