Beat the Heat at Discovery Lab

Beat the Heat at Discovery Lab

There’s a heat wave lingering in Tulsa with temperatures hitting triple digits. Summertime activities become dangerous when the sun is beaming on the hot pavement. Discovery Lab offers a safe place for curious minds in a hands-on, sweat-free environment. From the moment of entry, the vast, cool space and welcoming staff will ensure a refreshing visit without the misery of the simmering heat. 

Residing on the exhibit floor are high facilitation laboratory areas designed to ignite curiosity in the minds of kids. What a great place to play and learn during summer break! 

Museum guest Melissa and her family escaped the heat when friends suggested visiting Discovery Lab. “The air-conditioning is very nice,” she said while balancing the beach ball on the air blowers.  

Surrounded by a circle of fans, Fans and Fabric will take your fabric and carry it to the next level of height. Forget splashing in the scorching water at splash pads, build a water barge instead in Hydro Lab while still interacting with H20. Imaginarium takes guests on a virtual trip to the cooling nature of the native Oklahoma landscape.  

With extreme heat, it’s important to drink water while being active. Discovery Lab allows guests to bring water bottles to stay hydrated. Housed inside of the museum is Bean Sprouts, a café that features delicious, yet healthy dining options for replenishing guests.